GJ™ Lubricant (4 oz.)

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GJ™ Lubricant (4 oz.)



4 oz. bottle of ALG Defense's lubricant 

  • Biosynthetic
    The latest in high performance lubricant technology
  • Ultra High Lubricity
    Keeps your gun running in tough conditions
  • Non-Gumming
    Perfect for concealed carry and duty weapons
  • Non-Toxic
    Non-hazardous formula

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Full Description

GJ™ 4 oz. bottle of ALG Defense's firearm lubricant

Engineered specifically for the total-loss, boundary lubrication system that is characteristic of all firearms, ALG Go-Juice (GJ™) possesses unique properties that will keep your weapon running in the most adverse conditions.  

The most important property of a firearm lubricant is its lubricity or “slickness." In comparison to military grade CLP, Go-Juice is 500% more slick as determined by laboratory tests.  Other key characteristics of a good gun lube are corrosion resistance and long term stability or resistance to breakdown that leads to gumminess and a gun that won’t function. ALG Go-Juice is made up of highly oxidation resistant molecules that perform exceptionally well in ALG Defense's accelerated aging tests and salt spray tests.
As a biosynthetic oil, the fundamental building blocks of Go-Juice’s oil molecule is a GMO oil seed that has been bred specifically for its lubrication properties. Being an engineered bio-based oil, ALG Go-Juice needs none of the heavy metals and toxic additives that other lubricants can use. Therefore, ALG Go-Juice needs no hazardous label and testing on synthetic human tissue has shown no tendency to even irritate skin. 
Perfect for automatic weapons and concealed carry guns, we think that you will find ALG Go-Juice to be your ultimate “Go To Firearm Lubricant."


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Size 4oz. / 118mL

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Customer Reviews

Review by Dale

I run a Glock 34 with a Johnny Glock trigger system. By using Go-Juice I went from a 2.11 lb trigger pull to a 2.6 lb trigger pull. Unreal lubricity.

(Posted on 3/20/2018)
Go-Juice is my new go-to!
Review by Mavin

I love this stuff! I just tried it out on two of my turkey shotguns, along with the grease. Both of them cycle like gliding ball bearings now!

(Posted on 3/10/2018)
Great Lube!
Review by Kevin - Orlando, Florida

What I love the most about Go-Juice is the way my firearm feels after I use it. It's not slippery and my firearm cycles very smoothly. Great Lube!

(Posted on 1/22/2018)
Perfect for CCW
Review by peter

I really like this stuff. but, the bad news is that I now have a box with different gun lubes etc that I will never use. this in not one of those miracle hype lubricants. Gojuice is thin enough to creep where it is needed but stays on the gun. I have used it in well below freezing and arizona summers.it really is as good as the description. it doesn't dry up and turn to grunge. It is EASY to apply (unlike frog lube which is a pain on so many levels).it does not have an offensive odor and it absolutely does smooth out the inner workings of my pistols. and it makes the guns EASY to clean (very important unless you have one of the old pythons... well then, you don't mind rubbing on it anyway).

(Posted on 11/11/2017)
Will buy more , used to buy slip 2000
Review by Wolf762

Great stuff . Lube is lube . The lubricity is a nice balance . Just squirt it wherever and you too shall be a go juice master . . Don't buy into other products that cost more because they pay people to review it and put it in magazines .

(Posted on 9/23/2017)
Not just a lubricant! AWESOME!
Review by Jason

This stuff is a good of a cleaner as it is a lubricant. Awesome experience and price! Currently at 1200 rounds through my Nighthawk Enforcer only lubricating with a couple drops of Go Juice.

(Posted on 5/14/2017)
Great oil, don't drink
Review by Mike

Excellent oil, much less runny than CLP but still does the job very well. Also, does not taste like purple drank, so do not ingest it

(Posted on 4/28/2017)
Best lubricant available today...
Review by Mike

I've tried so many different CLPs and Lubes over the past couple years... Froglube, Breakthrough, Rand CLP, Fireclean, Hoppes... They were all ok at cleaning, lubricating and preserving, but none of them excelled in any one of those areas, and I never found one that really meets all my needs and wants... That is until I found Go-Juice and 0000 Grease. These are now the only firearms lubricants I use. I've never felt my guns so slick and smooth before, the properties of Go-Juice are incredible. It literally smoothed the notoriously bad and stagey DA trigger pull on both of my hammer fired HK pistols... While still heavy DA pulls, the stagey nature is almost completely gone! The smoothness of cycling my AR is like nothing I've ever felt, it seems like the BCG just glides along the inside of the receiver. While I use a solvent to clean my guns, no longer will I use anything but Go-Juice and 0000 Grease to lubricate my firearms. Geissele/ALG have once again created the best product in it's category on the market, bar none.

(Posted on 2/11/2017)
Wow is this stuff amazing!
Review by Joe

My order was delivered and sat outside in temps below 10°F and when I opened the package, the Go Juice flowed perfectly. It was the same viscosity at 10° as at 68°. I've never seen a bio based/vegetable base lube stay that viscous at sub freezing temps. I've removed every bit of ToadLube from my firearms and applied Go Juice on the surfaces and 0000 grease on the contact/wear points such as rails and cams. My firearms feel like they're running on ball bearings now!!!I know Go Juice isn't marketed as a CLP per se but I used it to clean several rifles and pistols and was impressed by its ability to cut through carbon, remove rust from an old shotgun barrel (stored for 3 years with ToadLube inside and out and still rusted) and even lift copper fouling from bores and brass fouling on breech/bolt faces. It doesn't eliminate the need for bore cleaner in the very worst barrels but for guns with under 500 rounds through them, I got them down to bare lands and grooves with just a wire brush attachment, patches and Go Juice. My twice as expensive ToadLube is heading to the garage for use on bike chains and squeaky door hinges... my firearms are only getting Go Juice and 0000 Grease from now on!

(Posted on 1/15/2017)
Review by Moose

Bought some to try it out. After using only on Geissele and ALG triggers (along with some Aeroshell 6 until the ALG Grease arrives to try out) and I love it. Follow Bill's advice: Grease sear surfaces and drop some of this on the springs and trigger pins. Dry fire with either a block or catching it in your hand 50-100 times and enjoy a perfectly smooth trigger!

(Posted on 12/20/2016)
Best Lubricant I've Used
Review by Sam

I used it on an AR after cleaning the BCG and with regular Hoppes CLP. Not a super detailed "white glove" clean but I cleaned it well. I've never felt my AR that slick. I felt like I was cycling with a clean well lubed NiB BCG. This is my favorite lube. I use Fireclean, Froglube, Hoppes CLP and a few others and this one is the smoothest so far. I'm not sure if it's any good for cleaning firearms but I will only use this from now on to lubricate it. Thanks ALG

(Posted on 8/23/2016)
Review by David

I saw Bill Geissele promoting this in a video and decided to give it a try. Glad I did! This is some slick stuff and a little goes a long way. No bad smell, either. I lubed a rifle with this stuff and took it to the range. Afterwards, I noticed things seemed easier to clean and deposits seemed to not stick as bad. Now I want to re-clean and lube all of my firearms with this stuff. I'm sold! Thanks!

(Posted on 8/12/2016)