Ergonomic Modular Rail (EMR) V1X M-LOK

Ergonomic Modular Rail (EMR) V1X M-LOK



V1 Diagram

10" Weight: 6.19oz. 12" Weight: TBD
13" Weight 7.85oz. 15" Weight: 8.84oz. 
    Hardware Weight: 2.42oz.

This is not the actual cross section of the EMR Rail. This is a simplified representation to understand the internal dimensions and their relationship to a sample gas block.

Drawing may not be to scale.

Item Number: CP-EMRV1MLOK

Availability: Out of stock On Clearance!


EMR M-LOK rails DO NOT include any M-LOK accessory rails, M-LOK accessory rails must be purchased separately and can be found here on our website. When comparing an ALG total rail weight to a rail that uses a stock barrel nut, make sure to add the weight of the stock barrel nut to the total weight of the non-ALG rail you are comparing for an accurate comparison.

Full Description

Built on the chassis of the EMR V0X, the V1X M-LOK contains all of the same design principals as the EMR V0X, but includes advanced modularity with its Magpul M-LOK support. With Magpul M-LOK support, direct attach accessories allow the user to mount an array of third party accessories and customize their weapon platform to suit their needs.

The EMR V1X M-LOK features two integrated anti-rotational QD slots at the base of the rail. M-LOK accessories can be attached along the length of the rail at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions as well as the upper and lower 45° locations.

Since the EMR V1X M-LOK does not include any accessory rails, the rail is priced to be even more affordable starting at $100 for the black 10” model. This makes the EMR V1X M-LOK the highest quality rail available in its price range. A co-witness accessory rail is available for $20.


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Customer Reviews

Great rail, one of the best out there for the price
Review by chris

I've purchased one of these and won one of these from Cola Warrior. Great quality, good mounting and lockup, and they seem exceptionally strong and durable compared to most other gucci rails out there. I have one on my "end of the world" or whatever AR, because while it isn't the fanciest rail I own, it is probably the strongest

(Posted on 4/27/2018)
No issues at all. 10/10 would reccommend.
Review by Spencer

Bought it a couple years ago in the grey 15" version. Zero issues, feels nice in the hand, has stood up to almost of a year of 3gun matches as well. Only reason I'd ever replace it is if something breaks, or if I somehow get enough money to get a carbon fiber replacement. Until one of those happens, this rail will be on my rifle for a long time.

(Posted on 1/21/2018)
How to install.
Review by Luke

I have ordered 4 ALG rails over the last year and a half, they have all worked very well. It is a great rail for the price. It is very easy to install and looks great. The link above is how i installed my last rail.

(Posted on 1/6/2018)
Product is what I expected
Review by Rev. Phil

Well back around the 4th of July I ordered another one of the EMR V1M-LOK handguard, in gray. It was as nicely done and finished as the Dessert Dirt one.

I changed my mind about the.300 AAC Blackout color and decided that I wanted to do it in gray instead, I ordered this and after I received it, looked it over and everything looked great.

I installed it on my upper along with a 10.5" Bergara barrel, and low profile gas block. It all went together fast and smoothly.

I really like the looks and feel of this handguard. It's simple lines and great quality.

Thanks again for your great service and products ALG Defense!

(Posted on 8/26/2017)
Very nice Rail
Review by Rev. Phil

I ordered the EMR V1M-LOK on the Memorial Day sale. I ordered the 10" Dessert Dirt for a .300 AAC Blackout build. I haven't gotten all the other parts, but I did inspect the ALG rail and dry fitted it (without torquing the barrel nut). It feels good and it is very well made! I looks good also, the dessert dirt color was evenly applied.

This is my first ALG rail, buy after seeing the quality it won't be my last.

I really like the dessert dirt color, and my next one is going to be a gray one.

Can't wait to get the other parts and get the upper built! I'm more than sure that the ALG rail will get the job done!

(Posted on 6/13/2017)
More of what you need, and nothing you dont
Review by Shwell

ALG Defense has carved out a much appreciated spot in the AR aftermarket. They offer products with wanted features at an affordable price. This Handguard is very clean with a great finish. Installation is pretty straight forward, not the easiest on the market, but the provided instructions are easy to follow and work every time.

Light weight, strong, and ergonomic. What more can you ask for in this price range?

(Posted on 6/2/2017)
Murphy's Law
Review by GLENN

Bought the 13" rail to go with a 18" bull barrel build. The OD of the bull barrel is 1.045" and the ID of the shims and barrel nut are 1.00". So I got my 16" LBC carbine and changed out the original hand guard. This time Murphy's Law worked out in my favor because it looks great.
Thanks Bill for another great product.

(Posted on 2/9/2017)
Awesome lightweight rail
Review by Tim

Like many others, I have no use for the quad railed hand guards. I wanted to free float my barrels without the bulk. These slim rails fit my hands perfectly. The lightweight design allows me to build a 6-7 lb hunting rig without sacrificing quality.

I now have 2 of these. Waiting for them to make one in OD green.

The 10" will completely cover the gas block on a carbine and about 1/2 of it on a mid-length system. I have 2 different adjustable low profile blocks and these fit with room to spare.

Great product. Fast, free shipping.

Thank you ALG

(Posted on 10/23/2016)
An excellent rail.
Review by Randy

Been looking around at many many rails. I'm not a soldier or law enforcement so I don't need all the pica tinny rails. I hunt with my rifle so a plain tube is adequate. I saw Giessle/ALG at Camp Perry last week and saw some of their products. I was very impressed. They did not have the rail I wanted their so ordered online. Free shipping and it was here in two days.
The video that Bill Geissle has on YouTube is just outstanding. There are lots and lots of so so AR videos online but Bill just plain hit one out of the park with the rail video. Bill is very down to earth and knows what he's talking about. Right up front he tells you he's not a gunsmith and that you don't need to be one to install their rails. He offers explanations of what is going on with the procedure and things to look for as you go. Awesome job Bill. Make more videos !
I put my rail on right away and tomorrow its off to the range.
If ALG or Geissle has a rail you like, look no further, these things are rock solid/rigid.
Thank you ALG. Keep up the high standard you have set. BTW, I have a Geissle trigger in my gun I'm assembling and am very pleased with it as well. Thanks.

(Posted on 7/31/2016)
Incredible improvement from over-pic-railed monstrosities
Review by Robert

Fact is you just don't need four sides of full length pic rail to get the job done well. With EMR you just put the pic rails where you need it and it's good to go. You're not getting hung up on anything with the unused sections of pic rail, you're not having to trim and use covers for it or otherwise adding weight to cover those. Installation was a breeze, instead of a length of pipe to go over the tool for leverage, I used a 1" crescent wrench over the very end, straight out. put the EMR V1 on a billet matched receiver and had to thin the small tabs on the receiver end by .3mm for a perfect fit (I knew this going in). Very strong setup and feels much better in the hand than just about anything I've held regardless of price. Can't imagine using anything else and being this happy.

(Posted on 7/8/2016)
Can't be beat!
Review by Jacob

Superior craftsmanship, Lightweight, high value for the money. Don't hesitate. If you want a quality rail this is what you want.

(Posted on 6/13/2016)
great rail
Review by james

I love the rail but do find it odd that the most standard color, black is more expensive!

(Posted on 6/8/2016)
Lightweight and Roomy - Fits a Harvester
Review by Rexford

I purchased this rail for an SBR build that featured an 8" barrel and a SilencerCo Harvester. The 12" rail looks great over the barrel and suppressor. Just a note to anyone else looking at sticking a suppressor under this rail, you may not be able to use the m-lok slots around the suppressor. I was able to use the top slots but the side slots would just barely clear the suppressor with the t-nuts in place.

(Posted on 3/9/2016)
Well named, money well spent.
Review by Andrew

I was looking for a tube that was both minimalist and ergonomic, I settled on the EMR V-1. First off I say gets very well named because that's exactly what it is ergonomic and modular. The best thing is I did not realize just how well it was until I shot it I turned an old bushmaster into a whole new ballgame just by installing this rail. Suffering the tragedy of having little girls hands it's hard to find things that especially in the gun world fit me ergonomically this rail certainly applies as well as having the capability to mount my accessories pretty much anywhere I want the M lock is not a bad way to go either.

(Posted on 10/19/2015)
My Favorite Rail - Highly Recommended
Review by John

Was looking for an inexpensive 12" rail. Tried the EMR due to previous experience with ALG products (ACT Trigger). Very impressed with the quality and rigidity of the rail and mounting system. Very comfortable with either no foregrip or with my favorite Magpul M-Lok AFG. Also, completely covers the gas block in a mid-length gas system. This is by far the easiest rail to install that requires barrel nut timing. Instructions are clear and absolutely no issues using the recommended shim pack. An absolute bargain at the price and comparable to rails that cost $100 to $150 more. Suffice to say I've retrofitted my other ARs with this rail. The fact that I've scrapped other rails for the EMR is the highest recommendation I can give. The only downside is that M-Lok accessories can be a bit pricey. That being said, the ALG-EMR is well worth the modest investment.

(Posted on 9/4/2015)
Just buy it
Review by 4thbox

I've been running the 13" version of this handguard for almost a year now. After that much time I still prefer this design to everything else on the market. The installation process is ingenious, just follow the manual exactly and you'll have a perfectly torqued barrel nut. The egg-shaped cross section is the perfect width to be ergonomic and pleasantly devoid of any rails where you don't want them. The shape also makes this rail feel incredibly rigid for its weight. One of the most important things this rail gets right is offering the m-lok slots at 45 degrees. This is the most ergonomic spot for mounting lights with a clean and low profile inline mount. This handguard matches or exceeds the functionality of anything else out there and often for half the price.

I do have one complaints The fat block of white text is a bit of a blemish on an otherwise attractive utilitarian design. This was likely exacerbated by the contrast of the black finish I chose but I purchased this intending to have it cerakoted along with some blemished receivers.

(Posted on 9/1/2015)
Awesome, smooth rail
Review by Dutch

Over the years I have owned many rails, starting w/ the bulky, heavy quad rails to plastic to now this rail. This is the most absolute best bang for your buck on any rail available in my opinion. Very smooth, easy to install and Mlok is badass! I plan on switching out all of my rails on all my ar's

(Posted on 8/31/2015)
Rail that Keeps the Essentials and an Affordable Price
Review by Patrick

My wife got this as a Christmas gift for me in 2014, and I think it's a perfect example to what I see as the mission of ALG Defense. They made the rail affordable by keeping the machining to a minimum on a basic extrusion, no frills if you will. They kept solid engineering and well-considered design, the things that really matter. The installation is simple and with the included trick wrench and shim kit, the installer doesn't need many tools, certainly no specialized ones. The directions are very thorough and straight-forward. Even a novice like myself made quick work. The barrel nut is very well engineered, leaps and bounds ahead of other examples in this price range. Really, it rivals rails that cost 3 times as much. It's fantastic for lightweight or 3 gun builds, and solid enough for training courses and regular range time. If you're a thumb-over grip, the V1 and V2 were built for you. I'm thrilled with this rail and definitely see myself ordering a V2 or V3 in the future. The M-LOK design is a great direct attachment system and the EMR rails provide a slim and sturdy base.

(Posted on 8/26/2015)
Durrable, quality, modular. Recomend...Yes!
Review by Gunner

Instead of writing a long winded review I am just going to give the pros and cons (oops, it turned out long anyway).

- Easy to install. Only took me 10 minutes. I have heard of other having issues but I found the install and instruction to be very straight forward. I’m thinking it was user error. (One guy even admitted he was color blind. Not ALGs fault you have bad eyes dude)
- Visually appealing. I have gotten multiple positive comments on the appearance.
- Solid design, does not bend under pressure.
- Tough coating. I hit it with tools a few times that should have marred it but not a scratch or ding,
- Modular (M-lock), Light weight, Ergonomic/comfortable,
- Comes with the barrel nut wrench.

- The 13” does not completely cover the gas block on my rifle length gas system barrel. Since this is designed to pair with a low profile block, I recommend always getting the next size up from what you think you need as I have heard the same about the carbine length.
- Some M-lock accessories are more expensive than their Keymod counter parts. Not a fault of the system but something to think about when purchasing.

I highly recommend this handguard as the price is well worth it. And no, this is not a commercial, I am just impressed with the quality. Of all the parts on my rifle this handguard is second only to my 20” GM fluted barrel.

(Posted on 8/7/2015)

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